Translation Poland's law

Translation Poland's law

We translate Polish law into Ukrainian and Russian

Translation from Polish

Translation from Polish

Translation from Polish to Ukrainian and Russian

Publication of scientific articles

Publication of scientific articles

We translate scientific articles from / into the Polish language - your key to international publications!

Support Business in Europe and Ukraine

Support Business in Europe and Ukraine

Our partners - legal companies, will provide you with the support and necessary consultations in Poland and Ukraine

We offer

Company POL-TRANSLIT offers high-quality translations from and into Polish / Ukrainian / Russian, as well as support in translating and publishing scholarly articles in Polish / Ukrainian editions.

With us you get professional translations in any direction and any combination of languages. Understood of the importance of supporting the Ukrainian humanitarians' science, we translate your articles into Polish, or Polish articles into Ukrainian or Russian, and, if you wish, we will carry out a verification of plagiarism, providing the highest scientific quality for the publication of research. If you need to register a company in Poland or Ukraine, or provide other services - our Polish and Ukrainian partners, law firms, are pleased to help you.

Do you have other questions that are not on the list of our services yet? Write us!


Strategic and Historical Importance of Ukraine (in Polish) - Strategiczne i historyczne znaczenie Ukrainy
Polish culture after 1989 - Kultura polska po 1989 roku

Translation of scientific articles and publication in foreign journals

Why we are

We are engaged in translations for more than 10 years.

You always get the maximum service for the money spent.

We work best. Fast translation at an optimum price.

You specify the desired result, we do everything else.

Constant discounts and promotions!

We translate your small changes for free in the shortest possible time.

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What we are guided by:

Reliability. The market of translation services is diverse: at the same time there are translation agencies, private translators, as well as Google translator. Many of these companies are engaged in dozens of languages, but in their list of services only translations; often only translations only technical, general, medical texts. We offer those languages in which we are professionals, and who have passed a red thread through our lives - study in Polish universities, long-term translation practice, work in companies a different way connected with Poland. If we offer a new service or language, you can be sure of their quality. We believe - better less, but better!

Choice. We work with professionals, each of whom has extensive experience. If you need a Ukrainian specialist, a graduate of the Polish law faculty, or a somebody from Poland, who reads philosophical pamphlets in Russian - we have them. Do you want to open a company in Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw? Why not! Surprise of the supervisor by published article in Polish? The choice is up to you, and we will help you to realize it.

Objective information. It happens, that "the text does not go", the terminology is so unique that only few people get that risk conveying the depth of thought in another language. We have no task to take all the orders of the world for the translation of the complete collection of A. Sapkowski's. Our main task is to provide objective information about our quality translation capabilities, or try to find such a specialist for You. If you want to make sure that the translation is correct, the text verification service will allow you to find out the level of your translator (and us). You choose the ways of mutual understanding with Poland, we try to make it fast and of high quality.

Professionalism. Our colleagues have many years of experience, including for themselves and for a neighbor, fulfilling orders for translation companies, or working in commercial or public institutions, whose activities are focused on Poland and other countries.

Individual approach. Companies often try to deal with large volumes and customers. For us - every client is important, who will expand the circle of our friends with a kind word, will allow us to successfully work on the market for a long time. Therefore, we appreciate everyone, providing, for example, making small edits without additional charges. After sending us the text you think that you need to replace the word or add a sentence? - send it, the price will not change!