About us

For many years of translating from and into Polish, the Pol-Translit team has refined its experience in accompanying bilateral Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Russian relations of citizens and legal entities. During this time, members of our team made a significant amount of translation work, ranging from "regular" bilateral / bilingual contracts, extracts from state registries of legal entities, to translations of scientific articles and legislative acts. We, future company Poltranslit, have repeatedly seen the need to focus on one language, one country in which we are experts, instead of building a company that would translate into dozens of languages. That is why there was an idea to unite graduates of Polish and Ukrainian universities, philological, legal, economic and other directions who have gained extensive experience in this field. This idea was realized in Pol-Translit.

In Poltranslit, we offer services that you will not find in others: high-quality translation into Polish and Polish, translation of scientific articles into Polish or Ukrainian/Russian, as well as the opening and maintenance of your business in Poland, together with our Polish partners, legal services providing legal assistance and support.

Usually there is nothing impossible, but if it turns out that we will not be able to fulfill your order in a timely manner or qualitatively, we will honestly warn you about this, and try to find a specialist who will translate for you the "Theory of relativity" by A. Einstein, and as a compensate for You - offering free verification and editing of such text (up to 5 pages, more for a minimum payment).

We strive to build a service where you will be required minimum effort to get the most out of your results. Please contact with Pol-Translit, we will help you!

Pol-Translit company provides top-notch services. Our advantage is the offer of a wide range of services with a combination of optimal prices.  


Your Pol-Translit team.