Why to publish in Poland


With the spread of scientific knowledge and the need to have foreign publications, we are asked to translate scientific articles both into and from the Polish language (at the same time there were orders for verification, editing of the translation already made). Our customers have already been published in Polish editions, but we invite everyone to have a foreign publication. At the stage of developing our system, we carry out translations of humanitarian texts, but if necessary, we will also make technical (we ask you to send texts in Word or in another format that we can edit).

It is worth noting some features of publications in foreign publications. First, another font and size (different from "standard" Times New Roman, 14 pkt) may be required; It is sometimes required even in the article to give names to parts - "introduction", "statement of the main material", "conclusions". Pay attention to the design of literature - a different form than required by domestic state standards; translation and transliteration may also be required.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all foreign publications are subject to review by two independent anonymous reviewers, who may make adjustments for the time or opportunity of publication.

We know how difficult it is to write an article and then do not re-fine it, not to "improve" it. That's why we offer free translation of your changes up to 1000 characters (half page). This may be a change of word, a paraphrase, an additional sentence. When ordering a translation from us, you can additionally order the design (formatting) of the text and literature in accordance with the requirements of the publication, but for this, be sure to send us these requirements. We draw attention to the fact that literature is NOT translated, and therefore the addition of a new source is not considered by us as a change of text.

We also offer a service for verifying the article on plagiarism in Ukrainian, Russian or Polish (attention - the service only applies to checks for plagiarism and allocation of places that may not have a link to the author).

Separately we provide the service of artistic editing (spelling and grammar, etc.) texts in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English, using a combination of modern technologies and experience of experts.

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