Poland: scientific publications

Poland: scientific publications

Poland: scientific publications


POL-TRANSLIT offers our support for your scientific publications in Polish editions: we can translate your article into Polish, or provide you with a full range of publications search services, according to your requirements, translation, the design of the text as well as the list of sources, annotations in Polish and English. The complete package of services also includes editing the text according to the requirements of Polish reviewers.

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Service   Cost
Translation of the article into Polish 150 UAH/1800 characters
  into Ukrainian/Russian 150 UAH/1800 characters
editing of sources  

100 UAH/for each started

10 sources

annotation and keywords   150 UAH/ one language
check for plagiarism Ukrainian/Russian texts 30 UAH/page
checking / editing translation   80 UAH/page
 Spell-checking (no content Analysis)  Ukrainian/Russian/Polish/English  30/40 UAH/page


Pay attention that:

1. Formatting text is free.

2. Editing an already translated text is usually estimated at half the cost of the translation. However, in the case of poor-quality translation, it will be better to make a new translation, which you will be notified of.

3. Checking for plagiarism is to check the text for using borrowings, which can be considered as plagiarism. The result of the check - indicates the percentage of uniqueness and borrowed parts of the text, with reference to the source.

4. The company is not responsible for the refusal to publish in a case with the decision of the reviewers and/or the editorial board (lack of novelty, plagiarism, a discrepancy in the subject matter of the publication, other reasons independent of us).

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